First Students Graduate from Aggreko's SelecTech Program

First Students Graduate from Aggreko's SelecTech Program

Inaugural Group Prepared for Careers in Temporary Power and Temperature Control

Houston (August 23, 2010) – Aggreko, the global leader in rental power, cooling, heating and oil-free compressed air, is pleased to announce the graduation of the first group of students from the Aggreko SelecTech program, developed in association with Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSUIT) in Okmulgee. The successful graduates all achieved an Associate in Applied Science degree in Diesel and Heavy Equipment from the Aggreko program.

SelecTech is a two-year, six-semester technician training program combining classroom-based learning with internships at some of Aggreko's 50 North American service centers. These internships give the students hands-on experience in a variety of challenging and exciting environments. Aggreko is particularly gratified that all of the 16 graduates have chosen to begin their careers with  the company.

The course covers the latest developments in diesel engine systems, engine electronic systems, power generation systems, electric motors and motor controls, electrical distribution synchronization and load sharing, diagnostic procedures, compressed air basics and event-specific equipment. In addition to the technical curriculum, the course included modules in  math, technical writing, psychology, U.S. history and  government,  and business,  as well as developing the students' aptitude for  the effective communication of ideas, and   inter-personal skills.

The course also covers all aspects of Aggreko’s business – from disaster relief during the recent flooding in Nashville, to industrial work in the refineries along the Gulf coast, and special events. For 14 weeks the students helped  load in and service the company’s equipment at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, for which Aggreko was the official supplier of temporary power and temperature control.

“These graduates received experiences that are impossible to duplicate anywhere else,” said Kurt White, Director of Learning and Development, Aggreko North America. “We are a global leader in our industry as a result of having the best-trained employees. The SelecTech program is the best investment we could have made to ensure we have the right people in place for the future, and if this class is any indication we are well positioned.”

 About one-third of the classes were taught by Aggreko employees, with the other two-thirds evenly distributed between Steve Stroud, the lead SelecTech instructor, and other OSUIT staff.

“The Aggreko SelecTech program has changed me from an ordinary twenty-year-old to an extraordinary Aggreko technician,” said James Love, who spent part of the course as an intern at the Pearland, Texas service center. “SelecTech has opened doors and opportunities that most high school graduates will never have.”

Editor's Notes

Aggreko plc is the world leader in the supply of temporary power and temperature control solutions. Aggreko employs over 4,000 people operating from over 133 locations. In 2008 we served customers in over 100 countries, and had revenues of approximately £950m (USD $1.6bn or Euros €1.1bn). Aggreko plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange (AGK.L), is a member of the FTSE-100 index, and is headquartered in Scotland. For more information, please visit the company website at

Aggreko provides power and temperature control solutions to customers who need them either very quickly, or for a short or indeterminate length of time. Examples would be the supply of power to an industrial site which needs to service its permanent power supply, supplying a whole city in times of power shortage, or providing a major sporting event with power and cooling systems. We serve our customers either through 120 service centres, which we call the Local Business, or globally through our International Power Projects business.

In the Local business, which accounts for about 60% of our revenues, we hire our equipment to customers, who then operate it for themselves, although we retain responsibility for servicing and maintaining it. In the International Power Projects business, which accounts for about 40% of revenues, we operate as a power producer. We install and operate power plants and we charge our customers both for providing the generating capacity, and for the electricity we produce. We design and manufacture equipment specifically for these requirements in our factory in Dumbarton, Scotland.

Recent customers include the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games and the power utilities in over 50 countries including the UK, France, Angola, Kenya, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil and the USA.

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