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Rental Power for the Utility Industry

With over 20 years of experience in utility environments, we can help you keep downtime to a minimum and the power on for your customers.

Rental Power is Available Nationwide - 24/7

Aggreko has the 24-hour expertise and rental power and cooling equipment you need available from local service centers across North America. We're here to help around the clock and we deliever our rental equipment anywhere in North America.

We provide emergency response and years of experience for environments that include:

  • Fossil fuel plants
  • Nuclear facilities
  • Transmission and distribution systems

Aggreko Services for the Utility Industry Include:

  • Generator rentals during service work and replacement
  • Supplementing your power grid or substation
  • Temporary cooling tower rentals during times of repair or replacement
  • Maintenance of power transmission during transformer change outs
  • Supplementation or replacement of spent fuel pool cooling systems
  • Reduction of thermal discharge temperatures
  • Cooling substation transformers to maintain load
  • Power sync capabilities
  • Supplementation or replacement of soot blowing systems
  • Contingency planning to minimize downtime in an emergency
  • Peak shaving during increased demand times
  • Power for remote areas not yet connected to the grid

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