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Backup Power Generators for Hospitals

Managing power, temperature and other system downtimes can be frustrating and challenging in hospitals and healthcare environments. For these facilities, keeping equipment functioning and maintaining a healthy environment for patients and staff can literally be a matter of life or death.

Emergency Rental Power and Temperature Control

Whether it’s a planned system upgrade or an emergency outage, Aggreko is the responsive partner you need to protect your patients, staff and guests. We understand not only how important your power systems are to delivering patient care. We also know how equipment or cooling failures can impact environmental safety, with far-reaching effects that range from bacterial contamination to compromising the effectiveness of medications.

We’re trusted by hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities across North America for our rapid response and proven experience in these ultra-critical environments. When you need rental power, heating, or cooling, you need Aggreko.

Aggreko's Hospital & Healthcare Rental Equipment Solutions Include:

Emergency Response

When it comes to emergency response, we support triage efforts with rental power, heating, and cooling. While hospitals are feeling the crush of the H1N1 virus, temporary triage tents are popping up to accommodate overflowing emergency rooms.  Aggreko's 24/7/365 rental services can help you get the right temporary equipment - right away.

With so much responsibility riding on your organizational performance, having the resources to support your operations is critical. Aggreko understands your challenges and knows best how to overcome them.

We deliver temporary power generation, heating and cooling, and oil-free compressed air solutions. Our experts determine exactly the rental equipment you need for a smooth transition into your temporary medical setting. From equipment delivery to setup and maintenance, Aggreko takes care of it all so you can focus on what is most important - your patients.

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