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Rental Power for Government Projects

From local construction projects to a remote military operation, we’ve been there.  Aggreko’s experiences with government projects and events help you keep planned and emergency system outages from becoming costly disasters. 

Temporary and Emergency Rental Generators and HVAC

Aggreko is an outstanding partner for peacekeeping and other military forces. Our temporary and emergency generator rentals, portable rental air conditioners, rental heaters and more provide the temporary power, heating, and cooling needed to keep personnel safe and healthy in any environment.

For military base camps, Aggreko's portable equipment can be airlifted around the globe for applications ranging from personnel accommodations and dining facilities to field hospitals.  And when naval ships come to port in remote locations, Aggreko modular power packages provide essential power while maintenance is performed.

  • Portable generators for emergency or backup power
  • Supplemental or emergency cooling
  • Temporary utilities during scheduled maintenance or repair
  • Contingency planning to reduce downtime
  • Power, heating, or cooling to maintain personnel comfort

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