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Emergency Generators, Rental Cooling for Food & Beverage Industry

Food and beverage processing operations are particularly vulnerable to power and cooling disruptions, when even a short outage can put your product at risk.

Generator Rentals, Heating and Cooling Available 24/7/365

With Aggreko rental power and cooling equipment solutions available from 24-hour local service centers across North America, you can protect your business from both planned and unplanned disruption – ensuring your processes stay on track, even when your systems don’t.

Aggreko Food & Beverage Industry Rental Equipment Solutions Include:

  • Uninterrupted production during turnarounds and repairs
  • Reliable temporary generator rentals, rental heaters, and chiller rentals
  • Seasonal or temporary cooling and cold storage of produce, dairy or meat products and suspended animation of flowers or fruit
  • Experienced technical assistance for critical problem solving
  • Temporary cooling and ventilation for mushroom farms
  • Batch process cooling juices and liquids prior to packaging
  • Temperature control of fermentation processes, defoaming and defloculation of suspensions
  • Dry ice blasting
  • Essence separation and concentration
  • Dehumidifier rental for moisture control in plants and extending product life
  • Rental heaters for pest control or pre-processing
  • Wet corn milling
  • Water-cooled chiller rentals and industrial air compressor rentals for aeration for fish farms
  • Rice and grain chilling
  • Environmentally friendly equipment for added capacity on an as-needed basis without hassle of capital expenditure
  • Backup power for months of higher demand

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