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Industrial Generators

Portable Generator Rentals from Aggreko

For over 40 years, Aggreko has been meeting the power needs of customers all over the world. Our extensive line of portable generator rentals provides power solutions from small, transitory needs at a specific job site, to large, baseload scale needs for regional power grids.

Aggreko has a specialized power solution for your industry. View our line of industrial generators to find the right generator to meet your specific needs.

A Range of Industrial Generators

Aggreko has provided cost-saving rental power to a multitude of customers, including those in the shipping, industrial, utility and natural-resource industries. As their power needs have expanded over the years, so too has Aggreko's ability to meet those needs. From our skid-mounted GreenPower industrial generators, to our containerized power modules, our wide range of portable generator modules have become the industry standard.

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