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Industrial Generator Rental

Portable Rental Generator Units from Aggreko

Aggreko has been supplying our customers with customized power solutions for over 40 years. During that time, as the needs of our customers have grown, our capabilities to meet those needs have grown as well. For applications large or small, Aggreko has an industrial generator rental to efficiently, effectively meet your specific needs.

Aggreko offers portable rental generator units for a wide range of industries, including natural-resource, industrial, utility, shipping and more. To find a cost-saving rental power solution for your industry, continue reading below for application capabilities of our available units, or view our entire line of portable rental generator units.

An Industrial Generator Rental for Your Industry

Since Aggreko's origination in 1962, we have developed the knowledge and experience needed to provide efficient power solutions to a multitude of industries around the globe. Whether you require a temporary solution for a specific job site, or you are in need of a reliable industrial generator rental for a regional power grid, Aggreko is the answer.

Discover the benefits of each of our portable rental generator units:

Diesel Industrial Generator Rental

Aggreko's line of diesel units have become the industry standard for a variety of applications. From skid-mounted GreenPower units to containerized power modules, you can find an Aggreko diesel industrial generator rental in whatever size you need.

Specialized, Quiet Generator Rental

Do you require low-noise emissions from your industrial generator rental? If so, Aggreko's specialized, low-maintenance CargoPower units are your solution. Winning broad acceptance in the temporary power industry, Aggreko's CargoPower industrial generator rental units are ideal for populated settings and have been utilized onboard or dockside for customers in the shipping industry.

WhisperWatt Generator Rental

Available in North America, Aggreko's new WhisperWatt portable rental generator units are designed to conveniently meet the needs of those who require extremely low noise emissions. These whisper-quiet units are trailer mounted to allow for simple and safe transportation. If you require a quiet generator with a rugged, compact design, the WhisperWatt industrial generator rental is the choice for you.

For more information on Aggreko's custom-built power solutions, please view our entire industrial generator rental product line.

You can also contact an Aggreko representative for additional information, or to request a quote for a portable rental generator.