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Industrial Air Compressor Rental 

Oil-Free Air Compressor Units from Aggreko

As the world leader in supplying contingency air solutions, Aggreko fully understands the need for reliable, 100% oil-free air compressor units. Combining our complete line of equipment and accessories with our Critical Air Services team, Aggreko is your solution for a dependable, environmentally-safe industrial air compressor rental.

Find an oil-free air compressor to meet your specific needs by viewing our entire line of industrial air compressor rental units.

Industrial Air Compressor Rental - The Oil-Free Necessity

Compressed air is a basic necessity of companies in a variety of different industries. For many projects, an oil-free air compressor is contingent for effective operation of critical equipment. Without the ability to operate oil-free, an industrial air compressor rental can become contaminated, and in addition, oil laden air fouls essential instrumentation and releases harmful emissions into the environment.

Designed with sensitive environmental considerations in mind, Aggreko offers units capable of delivering 100% oil-free pressure up to 135 psi (9.3 bar) and rates between 900 and 1,500 cfm. Below we will outline specific capabilities of our different units to help you determine which industrial air compressor rental will best meet your needs.

100% Oil-Free Diesel Air Compressor

Available in a variety of models, our oil-free diesel air compressors have output capacities between 800 and 1,500 cfm (380-710 L/s), and maximum outlet pressures of 150 psi, depending on the model. A diesel industrial air compressor rental comes equipped with several advanced features and allows for convenient movement on site.

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100% Oil-Free Electric Air Compressor

Suitable for high-purity applications, Aggreko's low-pressure, electrically-powered units range in capacity from 200 to 1,500 cfm, and provide a maximum outlet pressure of up to 150 psig, depending on the model. This industrial air compressor rental is capable of operation in harsh conditions and requires 480V, three phase, 60Hz power.

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