Heater Rental Services - Industrial Portable Heaters from Aggreko

Heater Rental Services from Aggreko

Industrial Portable Heater Rental

For industrial rental heater services, Aggreko offers oil-fired and electric heater rental services. To specifically meet the requirements and specifications of unique companies, our industrial portable heaters focus on security and efficiency, enabling safe industrial heating in many different types of environments. If your company or organization is looking for an industrial portable heater rental, consider Aggreko. Our regard for the individual needs of our customers has enabled us to become a trusted name in industrial heater rental services and other utility equipment.

Heater Rental - Available Heating options

For industries where combustion flames and exhaust are not issues, Aggreko offers indirect oil-fired heater rental services. For heating requirements that reach capacities of 222,00 to 427,000 Btu/hr [65 to 125kW], Aggreko oil-fired industrial portable heater rental units offer dependable heating for many industrial needs.

For situations where flames and exhaust are not safe, Aggreko also offers an electric industrial portable heater rental. These custom-built heater rentals are accompanied with a variety of benefits, including:

  •      fume-free air heating
  •      flame-free air heating
  •      moisture-free air heating
  •      HVAC compatible
  •      useful in construction or contracting

For more information about our oil-fired or electric heater rental options, please contact us today. To ensure that you choose the product that meets your unique needs, please fill out our Rental Inquiry Form.

Aggreko Industrial Portable Heater Rental

Because our customers have very different and unique needs, we offer two choices: the High Temperature Heater [50-1120kW] and the Nominal Temperature Heater [50-150kW]. Perfect for structural space heating or process heating, High Temperature heater rental is available in oil-fired and electric powered versions. The Nominal Temperature heater rental is also ideal for the space heating of structures as well as process heating. The Nominal Temperature heater is also available in North America in the specialized container version, TracHeat.

If you would like to ask specific questions about Aggreko heater rental services, or are interested in our other utility options, please contact us. You can also continue browsing our site to find additional information regarding our industrial portable heater rentals, as well as a variety of other Aggreko products and services.