Emergency Power Backup: Aggreko Temporary Power Solutions

Emergency Power Backup Services

Emergency or Temporary Power for a Variety of Purposes

To provide emergency power backup in the aftermath of a natural or manmade disaster, Aggreko temporary power generator rentals are designed to provide power during a critical process equipment shutdown or where emergency power will get a city moving again. Providing emergency power backup services for a variety of industries and situations has become one of our most prominent roles. Our immediate response and fast installation is recognized around the world and has made a name for Aggreko emergency power backup industry. Aggreko Products and Services are designed for disaster situations and urge companies and groups to plan for disasters. For specific information about how Aggreko emergency power backup can help you, please fill out the Rental Inquiry Form.

Aggreko - Providing Temporary or Emergency Power Backup to Industries

Our commitment to quickly provide temporary or emergency power backup has become a large part of our business. Over the years, the types of temporary or emergency power backup services we provide has increased, thus enabling us to work with a diverse number of industries. Below are the industries we have provided services to:

·         Events: Our temporary power and temperature equipment for events includes our generator rentals and air conditioner rentals.

·         Construction & Contracting: For the construction and contracting industry, we offer a variety of emergency power backup and temporary utility services, including industrial air compressor rental, generator rental, air conditioner rental and more.

·         Mining, Agricultural, Fishing, Quarrying: Big industries have big requirements. Aggreko industrial generator rentals, air compressors and temperature control equipment meet the challenges of the mining, agriculture, fishing, and quarrying industries.

·         Oil & Gas: Because the operation of the oil and gas industries is in some of the harshest conditions, Aggreko Container Power for emergency power backup and industrial oil-free air compressors for 100% oil-free air are designed with these conditions in mind.

·         Petrochemical, Refining, Pharmaceuticals & Manufacturing: For chemical processing, refining and manufacturing, our variety of cooling tower rentals, chiller rentals, air conditioner rentals, generator rentals and more provide the best products for the unique needs of these industries.

·         Food & Beverage: Cooling, heating, and safe storage are extremely important in the Food and Beverage industry. Our water chillers, dehumidifiers, heat exchangers and other industrial utility equipment are designed with capabilities that set the industry standard.

·         Telecommunications: Understanding the importance of around-the-clock dependability, the utilities industry trusts Aggreko for their supplemental, temporary and emergency power backup needs. Our rental generator, rental air conditioner, rental air compressor, and other rental services has provided utility companies with the power and temperature control they need to run their business properly.

·         Shipping: Aggreko rental fuel tanks, electrical distribution equipment and load banks are used extensively in the shipping industry. The shipping industry also relies heavily on Aggreko power generation and temperature control equipment for emergency power backup and emergency heating or cooling.

·         Peace Support Services: To help with the peacekeeping efforts of the military forces, Aggreko provides portable generator rentals, rental air conditioners and more. As a trusted partner in the peacekeeping efforts, our rental equipment assists the military in their work around the world.

Aggreko Emergency Power Backup Services - Temporary Power for a Variety of Situations

For more information about how Aggreko emergency power backup services can help you in natural or manmade disaster situations, please contact us today, or visit our Products and Services Overview. To determine the correct implementations for your business or situation, please visit our Customer Centre and fill out the Rental Inquiry Form to ensure your emergency power backup plan will cover your needs.

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