Emergency Generators: Generators for Power Loss & Disaster Recovery

Emergency Generators

Temporary Power Solutions from Aggreko

Here at Aggreko, we are committed to providing emergency generators that are custom-tailored to fit your specific needs. Our experience working with a wide range of industries and emergency situations over the past 40 years has given us the required expertise to quickly and accurately address your rental power needs. With emergency generators that vary in size, power and mobility, we can put together the proper response to your situation.

Whether your emergency is an unforeseen power loss at your business, or a devastating natural disaster, we can respond with the emergency power generators you need. You may choose to have emergency generators on site as preparation for that unforeseen power outage, saving your company costly time lost. Or you may need to get power to an emergency site without any prior notice. Regardless of your situation, we can have the appropriate emergency generators on site within 24 hours of your phone call.

Emergency Generators at Work

Our emergency generators have been serving industry for over 40 years. From powering military peace support missions, to saving refrigerated cargo on shipping vessels that experience problems out at sea, our emergency generators have come through time and again. If you are trying to remain one step ahead of a power emergency, or need to respond to an emergency outage in the smallest of time frames, our experienced personnel can provide you with emergency generators and expert rental services.

Contact us today to see what Aggreko can do for you. We provide generators for some of the largest industry leaders as well as smaller companies in all corners of the globe. Our experienced people will assess your unique situation to find the best emergency generator to fit your rental power needs, which we will supply in the timeliest fashion.

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