Emergency Cooling Services - Portable Rental Cooling Units

Emergency Cooling Services from Aggreko

Portable Rental Cooling Units

Aggreko emergency cooling services provide immediate response in the case of a cooling tower breakdown. The people that makeup our emergency Cooling Tower Services team have the training and tools it takes to properly install a 115,000 GPM cooling tower in as few as eight days. In the case of an emergency, our crew has the necessary tools and equipment to install Aggreko portable rental cooling units. Since our company specializes in providing emergency cooling and other utility services, we have all of the required pipes and fittings, rental generators, transformers, electrical distribution equipment, and any additional materials needed to quickly and appropriately install an Aggreko cooling tower. For more information, or to report an emergency outage, please contact us through email or call us at (405) 224-5301 or (877) 550-COOL.

Prepare for the Worst - Emergency Cooling Services

By preparing your company for emergency situations, you are reducing the amount of risk and damage that can occur in the case of a breakdown or power outage. From our emergency cooling services and portable rental cooling units, you can expect the following:

Maximized Production Capabilities
During the hottest months of the year, or during high demand seasons, Aggreko portable cooling units are designed to provide supplemental, temporary or emergency cooling for a variety of industries. With our portable cooling towers working to keep your cooling-water chilled, your production will soar.

Continued Production throughout Maintenance
In the case of a breakdown or emergency repair or maintenance situations, our emergency cooling services can come in and quickly install an equivalent turnkey system that will provide uninterrupted water-cooling.

Reduced Risk and Damage Potential
To reduce the risk or damage associated with the cooling tower breakdown, it is important to have an emergency cooling plan in place. With Aggreko, a group of technicians is trained to quickly install temporary portable rental cooling units so that the possibility of damage caused by the outages is dramatically reduced.

Surpass Environmental Standards with our Sacrificing
Because our systems are designed to provide the emergency cooling power you need, while still maintaining high environmental standards, companies can depend on our emergency cooling services without worrying about the compromised or sacrificed performance of our portable rental cooling units.

Emergency Cooling - Aggreko Portable Rental Cooling Units

For more information about our emergency cooling services and how they can benefit your company, please fill out our Rental Inquiry Form to determine if Aggreko emergency cooling services are right for you. To ask specific questions about our services, please feel free to contact us.

Our emergency cooling and other contingency services can be found throughout the world. Please use our Service Locator Map to find our location nearest you.

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