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Aggreko has a long history of providing efficient and powerful diesel generators. Throughout those years, we have developed a wide range of custom-built diesel generators to meet the power rental needs of a variety of industries. Companies involved in shipping, utility, industrial and natural-resource industries have experienced the advantages of our rental power equipment. Our versatile, easy-to-use and quiet generators are also ideally suited for the event and entertainment industry.

GreenPower Canopy Diesel Generators

Aggreko GreenPower generators are designed for self-contained operation with the generator, fuel supply and controls built in. The canopy line comes in ratings of 30-300kVA (50Hz) [30-300kW (60Hz)]. These diesel generators feature the latest in engine technology, allowing for low emission levels and extremely quiet operation. The SaveAll base ensures that fluid leakage is minimized. Spillage from ruptures in the fuel tank can even be contained within the base, eliminating the need for temporary dikes. In addition, GreenPower diesel generators are designed to run for extended periods of time due to their large fuel capacity.

Heavy-Duty Diesel Generator Rental

Aggreko's GreenPower container diesel generators are designed to handle varied power loads from large events to baseload power generation. Their custom-built ISO-size containers make for a rugged design and easy shipment. The sizes of each of these individual diesel generators range from 500-2000kVA(50Hz) [500-2000kW(60Hz)] and they offer unique synchronizing and load sharing features. Like the canopy line, they feature a SaveAll base that nearly eliminates engine fluid spillage. Contact us to learn more about our diesel generators and specialty services.

Diesel Generators & Beyond

In addition to rental diesel generators, we provide a variety of temperature control and compressed air solutions for companies and special events worldwide. Our unique global network of locations, equipment and technical services allows us to provide these solutions in a timely and professional manner. Our dependable diesel generators are just part of the variety of services we offer. Visit our homepage to browse through all of our services.

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