Cooling Tower Rentals: Repair, Maintenance & Services from Aggreko

Cooling Tower Rental

Aggreko Cooling Towers

For a variety of industrial needs, Aggreko cooling tower rentals provide the temperatue control needed to maintain safety on the jobsite. Industry experts can trust that the professionals at Aggreko will provide state-of-the-art equipment to keep your plant running smoothly. Cooling tower rental from Aggreko is ideal for use during cooling system repair or maintenance, and during periods of peak demand. To determine your cooling system rental needs, please contact one of our professionals who will assist you with any questions regarding our rental services.

Worldwide Cooling Tower Rental

Is your location a concern? Aggreko cooling tower rental is available worldwide; in fact, we are the largest provider of cooling tower rentals anywhere. Aggreko has more than 100 locations in 28 countries, which means we can provide global service with local expertise. Rebuilding or installing a cooling tower takes time and Aggreko provides rental services with complete hassle free installation for a smooth transition. You can find Aggreko anywhere we are needed. Aggreko is a trusted source for cooling system rental because of our professionalism and expertise throughout the industry. In addition to cooling systems, Aggreko also provides rental solutions for power, temperature control and compressed air systems to companies worldwide. To find a local service provider please see our worldwide map.

Cooling System Specialists

Aggreko is a trusted provider of rental energy solutions around the world. Our specialists are able to answer any questions you may have about cooling tower rentals for your company. We pride ourselves on having knowledgeable service professionals with experience in supplemental or augmented cooling, emergency outages, wastewater cooling, thermal discharge, seasonal temperature swings, feedwater cooling and much more. We offer cooling system rentals with available capacities of 1,892 - 75,7000 L/m [500 to 200,000 GPM], and heat-removal rates up to 293,000 kW (1,000 million Btu/hr). Please contact us for further discussion on how Aggreko can assist you with your cooling tower rental.

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