Cooling Rental

Cooling Rental Solutions

Aggreko has the cooling rental solution you need to keep your business running at the perfect temperature.   Whether you need a rental air conditioner, cooling tower, chiller, or other cooling rental system, Aggreko has the experience and expertise with temperature control solutions to keep you cool.

Cooling Rentals Can Make the Difference

Because maintaining the right temperature can mean the difference between peak performance and unnecessary downtime, Aggreko is ready 24/7 from over 50 service centers across North America with the cooling rental solution you need – when you need it.

Available Cooling Rental Solutions Include:

Immediate Response with Emergency Cooling Rentals

In the event of an emergency, we have the necessary equipment and people to install your temporary cooling rental solution quickly and efficiently.  We are here to help manage risk and minimize loss due to cooling failures and challenges.

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