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Chiller Rental

Air or Water Cooled Chiller Rentals

Aggreko's chiller rental units are designed to provide a convenient and wide range of water cooling capacities. Optional air-handling equipment extends them to include HVAC capabilities. Our rugged chiller rental units are designed and manufactured to endure the most extreme industrial settings. In addition, the use of non-CFC refrigerants ensures environmentally friendly operation. Aggreko chiller rental units are available in sizes from 10 to 1,000 ton (60Hz) [30-3,000kW (50Hz)]. Contact us to learn more about our line of chiller rental equipment.

Nominal Temperature Chiller Rental

Our nominal temperature chiller rentals are available in sizes from 50 to 3000kW [15 to 1000 tons (60hz)]. Each uses non-CFC refrigerants for environmentally safe operation and can also be used for HVAC. The versatility of our chiller rental units provides for a variety of temperature control uses. Air handlers allow for ambient temperature control and air conditioning applications, as well as the industrial process cooling provided by a standalone unit. Each of our chiller rental units features a user friendly control panel for ease of operation and installation.

Low Temperature Chiller Rental

Aggreko low temperature chiller rental units range in size from 90 to 3000kW [30 to 1000 tons (60 Hz)]. Units running in low-temperature ranges operate between 60°F and 10°F as well as 10°F to -40°F for very low range units operating under the right conditions. Our low temperature chiller rentals are designed for industrial process applications. They feature screw-type compressors and weatherized control panels useful in outdoor environments. Skid mountings make the installation of our low temperature chiller rental equipment a simple process. These units have been utilized for food processing, chemical processing, temporary ice rink cooling and as an extension of manufacturing cooling systems. For more information, contact us for more chiller rental information.

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