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Air Conditioning Rental Services Available Worldwide

Our air conditioning rental units are found in a variety of locations. From movie sets to mine shafts, we provide unsurpassed HVAC services throughout the world. Our portable air conditioning rental units are ideal for temporary cooling at special events and festivals. To learn more about the cooling services we offer, please contact us for air conditioning rental information.

Portable Air Conditioning Rental

Aggreko's portable air conditioning rental units are available for large HVAC uses as well as smaller areas and event spaces. Our InstaCool units feature condenser intake and exhaust that can be easily ducted away from the cooling area. Wheels make them an ideal spot cooler for multiple locations and provide for easy portability. We offer our InstaCool air conditioning rental units in a variety of sizes to meet your space cooling needs.

Our HushPAC units can provide powerful cooling in a quiet package. With a HushPAC air conditioning rental unit from Aggreko you can heat or cool large areas quickly with almost silent operation. For events and applications that require a low-noise cooling solution, the HushPAC units are the perfect choice. With a capacity of 60kW (20 tons), and 50kW of safe electric heat, you can be sure that even large event spaces will be temperature controlled quickly. Internal condensate pumps remove condensation from the cooling area while each of these air conditioning rental units feature a built-in variable speed fan, and twist-lok outlets for simple setup.

Air Conditioning Rental Services - Specialty Services

While we provide quality air conditioning rental services all over the world, our specialty services are what really makes Aggreko stand out. Helping our customers solve their individual cooling requirements has allowed us to develop a database of over 300 applications for improving the operations of process and manufacturing operations. These applications include cooling services for major plants and many other commercial institutions. Contact us to get more information on the specialty air conditioning rental services we can provide for your company.

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