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Portable Air Conditioner Rentals - Efficient Options for Event Cooling

For special events, we offer a variety of options in low noise, efficient solutions. Our InstaCool units are ideal for temporary cooling of an area or event space, and are delivered on wheels for ease of portability and use in multiple areas. Our HushPAC model of portable air conditioner rentals can provide a low-noise solution for special events. Contact us to learn more about our portable air conditioner rental equipment. Aggreko's air conditioner rentals are perfect for a variety of applications.

Aggreko Low-noise Air Conditioning Rentals

When your event needs low-noise cooling, our HushPAC air conditioner rentals provide a powerful and portable solution. Their 60kW (20 tons) capacity ensures that your event space is cooled quickly as well as quietly. Alternately, these units can provide up to 50kW of fume and flame-free electric heat. HushPAC air conditioner rentals feature internal condensate pumps for removing condensate from the cooling area, a built-in variable-speed fan, and twist-lok outlets for easy hook-up. Their 8x4x8 dimensions make these units very portable and easy to install.

Air Conditioner Rentals Worldwide - Aggreko

Our vast experience in providing HVAC services is unsurpassed in the industry. Throughout the world our air conditioner rentals can be found on movie sets, at expos and in the workplace for cooling during emergency shutdowns. Mining tunnels and construction sites are also common locations where you'll find our equipment. Wherever reliable high volume air conditioner rentals are needed, you'll find Aggreko.

Easily deployable, heavy-duty air conditioner rentals are part of the reason we have become a global leader in specialized and emergency cooling services. Our services extend beyond the delivery of our equipment. We work with you to create a cooling solution that will maximize efficiency and minimize cost. We have service centers located across the globe with local experts ready to assist you. To learn more about our air conditioner rentals and services contact us, and let one of our representatives help you.

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