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Temporary Cooling Solutions

For temporary cooling, consider Aggreko air conditioner rental services. To address the needs of a variety of industries, Aggreko offers a variety of air conditioner rental options sure to meet the unique needs of your company. Whether your company is looking for a spot, event, or industrial air conditioner, Aggreko can help you find the right air conditioner rental for the specific needs of your company.

Choose the Right Air Conditioner Rental

At Aggreko, we are committed to providing total utility solutions to our customers. To address the temporary cooling needs of our customers, we provide a variety of air conditioner rentals that are unique in their cooling effects. The following air conditioner rental units are available through Aggreko industrial utility rental solutions:

Industrial Air Conditioner Rental
Designed to dissipate 100% fresh, clean air, our industrial air conditioner rental offers a convenient automatic shut-down system, NEMA four-control panel, hot gas bypass, and a variable air flow option. In addition, our industrial air conditioner rental units provide a full complement of gauges for accurate and customized control.

Special Event Air Conditioner Rental
Designed to provide quiet temporary cooling to minimize noise during events, the load-ambient operation of our 120 or 208 volt air conditioning power supply works efficiently to provide temporary cooling for a variety of events. To keep the humidity levels down, our HushPAC air conditioner rental removes condensate from the cooling area.

Spot Cooler Air Conditioner Rental
These small, portable air conditioner rental units are designed to provide temporary cooling at a wide variety of events or areas. These commercial-scale units can be configured to provide temporary cooling to a wide variety of spaces, and can be adjusted to direct exhaust outside of the cooled area.

Comfort Air Conditioner Rental
Ideal for providing temporary cooling in large interior or tented areas, these air conditioner rental units offer temperature and air volume adjustments so you can choose your level of comfort.

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If your company is considering an air conditioner rental for temporary cooling of an event, please fill out our Rental Inquiry Form to receive fast answers to your specific questions. Our global network makes it easy for our worldwide customers to acquire the products and services they need - a primary mission of Aggreko. For more information about our products and how we can serve you, please contact us today.

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