Aggreko's SelecTech Career Program at Oklahoma State University

SelecTech Accelerated Career Program

When it comes to fast-track careers, this one is full throttle

Aggreko and Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology have partnered to offer an exclusive opportunity to a select group of technically gifted students. The SelecTech Accelerated Career Program will recruit the top applicants from high schools near Aggreko Service Centers throughout the US.

Students earn a competitive wage during their internship, starting at $11 an hour, while they earn an Associate in Applied Science degree from OSUIT. The two-year, trimester-based program will consist of equal parts coursework and an on-the-job internship. Students will alternate between eight-week blocks at OSUIT and the Aggreko Service Center throughout the country.

SelecTech Job Application Requirements

Persons who meet the following requirements are encouraged to apply to the SelecTech Accelerated Career Program:

  • A track record of proven success in classes of a technical and/or mechanical nature
  • A desire to become a degreed technician
  • Motivated to "do it right the first time"
  • At least 18 years of age before the fall semester begins
  • Willing to travel 75% for two years
  • Willing to relocate if necessary upon graduation
  • Willing to sign 2 year service aggrement 

SelecTech graduates will be given the opportunity to power their career with Aggreko and join the global industry leader!

Apply Now

To apply for SelecTech or to get more information, please visit the Aggreko SelecTech Program website.