Aggreko Cares About Our Customers - What is Net Promoter

Aggreko Cares About its Customers..

We value our customers’ feedback on our service, and so have developed a process by which we can objectively measure the performance of our business units, not only in financial terms but also the extent to which they are making customers feel that they want to return to us next time they need the services we provide.

All of our customers receive an invitation to participate in our online survey, giving feedback on areas of our service provision from sales, operations, equipment condition and delivery, and invoicing.

That feedback helps us align our customers experience with our business improvement strategy. We take your inputs and transform these into actions, and based on this feedback we made the following changes to our processes in 2014:

  • Expansion of our Remote Operations Center with qualified service personnel monitoring equipment in the field
  • Improved proposal and invoicing options to provide invoices to match customer PO
  • Expanded hours of coverage by call center and service personnel

We measure satisfaction levels across these service attributes but the foundation of our customer feedback program is based on the Net Promoter Score methodology (NPS) created by Fred Reichheld, Satmetrix and Bain & Company.

How Net Promoter Score is calculated.

NPS Graphic 

NPS is solely derived from asking the question "would you recommend our services to a friend or associate?". We are very proud of the levels of scoring we receive from our customers, and as a benchmark, Aggreko's position against the Net Promoter All Stars table (right - compiled by Fred Reichheld and Bain & Company in 2006) would position us 11th with our 2013 Net Promoter Score of 64%.

View this short video below of how the Net Promoter System works.


For further information on Net Promoter, Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix please visit or


*All NPS statistics are based on Bain or Satmetrix surveys, with the exceptions of Intuit, Chick-fill-A and HomeBank.  For these firms, data used was provided by these companies.  Their data was gathered in a reasonable (but not entirely equivalent) fashion.

Net Promoter Score

Company NPS
USAA 82%
Homebank* 81%
Harley-Davidson 81%
Costco 79% 73%
Chick-fill-A* 72%
eBay 71%
Vanguard 70%
SAS 66%
Apple 66%
Aggreko 64%
Intuit(TurboTax)* 58%
Cisco 57%
FedEx 56%
Southwest Airlines 51%
American Express 50%
Commerce Bank 50%
Dell 50%
Adobe 48%
Electronic Arts 48%